Joshua Freeman


  • Tendenci, The New Association Management Software (AMS) for AGO (Replacing ONCARD).
    808 Howell St
    July 6 @ 11:00 am
    Joshua Freeman, AGO's CTO, guided AGO staff and membership through the process of selecting a new Association Management System and a suite of associated applications designed to bring AGO's technology stack into the 21st Century.  The project to build and deploy the new system gets underway in December 2021 and will take several months before the new system is released into production. In this session, Josh will provide a 'show and tell' about the new applications replacing the AGO website and ONCARD, answer questions, and solicit new feature requests.  If you are interested in or curious about state-of-the-art web technologies this will be a rewarding session to attend.


AGO Chief Technology Officer Joshua S. Freeman (MFA Carnegie Mellon
University) has been directing information technology efforts for
non-profit organizations, universities, schools, and cultural
institutions for the past 30 years. A vocal proponent of open source
software, he has developed a unique skill set to help non-profit
organizations punch above their weight class in the utilization,
adoption, and implementation of up-to-date technology solutions.

Prior to establishing a career in technology Josh studied music and
spent five years in Budapest working as a conductor. Josh lives in
the NYC metropolitan area, enjoys yoga, cycling, year-round open-water
swimming and museums. He is a huge fan of the King of Instruments and
is delighted to provide technology leadership for the AGO.”