David Heller, AAGO


  • What do I do? Adapting Hymns with Piano Accompaniment to the Organ
    1217 6th Ave
    July 6 @ 11:00 am
    The inclusion of hymns from diverse cultures presents organists with new challenges, particularly those hymns with piano accompaniment.  This workshop will present techniques for adapting piano accompaniments to the organ utilizing harmonic analysis and a step-by-step process for creating a successful transcription that will provide strong leadership for the congregation.  Musical examples from a variety of worship cultures will be used, including hymns from the Guild’s Examination Hymn Booklet. Those members who are preparing for the Service Playing and Colleague examinations will find this workshop useful in their preparation.  Many of the techniques and solutions presented will carry over to other instances of piano adaptation, such as anthem accompaniment.

David Heller

David Heller is the author of the widely used Manual on Hymn Playing (G.I.A. Publications).  He has presented workshops and lectures on hymn playing, improvisation, and service playing throughout the country and currently serves on the Board of Examiners for Certification at National Headquarters.  Dr. Heller received his undergraduate degree with honors from Lawrence University as a student of Miriam Clapp Duncan.  He completed his graduate degrees at the Eastman School of Music as a student of Russell Saunders, with post-doctoral study with David Craighead and Gerre Hancock.  He was appointed to the faculty of Trinity University in 1986 where he currently serves as Professor of Music and University Organist. In 2010, Dr. Heller received the Distinguished Achievement Award in Scholarship and Creative Work, the school’s highest honor given to its faculty members. He has held a number of church positions and residencies, and currently serves as the Associate Organist at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio.