John Dixon


  • The Goldilocks Strategy for Chapter Finances - Advice for chapters with not enough funds or with too much in the bank
    808 Howell St
    July 6 @ 9:00 am
    Money is funny stuff. AGO chapters are no different from other organizations, businesses, or households: we never seem to have the right amount on hand. Generally speaking, organists don't want to talk about chapter finances and they certainly do not want to think about asking anybody to make a financial gift. But the reality is that somebody has to keep a finger on the financial pulse of the chapter. If you are that somebody, or if you might be that somebody one day, then you will surely enjoy and benefit from this wide-ranging discussion about how to build a solid financial base for your chapter.

John S. Dixon

John S. Dixon CAGO was elected the AGO’s Treasurer and Councillor for Finance and Development in 2020. He holds degrees in engineering and business from Oxford and Harvard universities, and has worked in international business for four decades. A church organist for more than twenty years and a published composer, his catalog now exceeds 800 pieces, many written for organ. Since 2003 he has drawn on this diverse background as the executive director of the Academy of Music, a community music school based in Norfolk, Virginia. This non-profit organization was in debt and on the verge of shutting down when he was appointed. His experiences from keeping the doors open and building financial stability for the organization, now including a multi-million dollar endowment, have given him a deep understanding of what is necessary to sustain the financial health of any non-profit, so that the leadership may focus on pursuing the mission. In addition to his service on the AGO’s national council, his volunteer activities include board membership of the Hampton Roads Gift Planning Council, an association of fund-raising professionals involved in philanthropy through wills and other forms of estate planning.